The Dept Of Environment, Forestry And Fisheries: Bursaries 2021

Company: The Department Of Environment, Forestry And Fisheries
Location: South Africa
Closing date: 20 November 2020

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The department of environment, forestry and fisheries is inviting full-time students to apply for bursaries, to be awarded in the 2021 academic year, in the following fields of study:


Chemicals And Waste Management (Ref: CWM/01/2021)

  • National Diploma/ B Tech/B Degree/Hons/ Masters: Waste Management
  • National Diploma/ B Tech/B Degree/Hons/ Masters: Environmental Management
  • National Diploma/ B Tech/B Degree/Hons/ Masters: Environmental Science
  • B Degree/Hons/ Masters: Natural Science (Geography, Chemistry, Hydrology, Water)
  • BSc/ Hons/ Masters: Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology


Regulatory compliance and sector monitoring (Ref: RCSM/01/2021)

  • Bachelor of Environmental Sciences (majoring in Animal and wildlife management)
  • majoring in Environmental Impact Assessment
  • BSc Chemistry, Botany
  • BSc/ Honours in Geography or Geoinformatics
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management
  • LLB (Major courses Administrative law, legislative drafting, Environmental Law)
  • LLM
  • BA Law
  • A Diploma or Degree in Paralegal


Climate Change, Air Quality And Sustainable Development (Ref: CCAS/01/2021)

  • BSc / National Diploma Environmental Science
  • BSc / National Diploma Environmental Management
  • National Diploma/ B Degree Earth Science
  • National Diploma/ B Degree Natural Science
  • National Diploma/ B Degree Conservation
  • BSc Chemistry
  • National Diploma/ B Degree Hydrology


Biodiversity And Conservation (Ref: B&C/01/2021)

  • National Diploma: Nature Conservation
  • BA Environmental Management / Science
  • National Diploma: Eco-tourism/ Game range management
  • BA Environmental Economics
  • BSc Zoology and Botany
  • BSc Environmental Management majoring Environmental Law
  • BSc Geology


Environmental programmes (Ref: EP/01/2021)

  • B Sc/ Hons/ Masters Environmental Science / Environmental Law/Environmental Economics/ Water Resource
  • Hons Economics
  • BSc Biological Science
  • B Degree/ Hons/ Masters: Social Science
  • BSc Environmental Science majoring Biological Resources


Oceans And Coast (Ref:OC/01/2021)

  • ND/B Tech/ BSc Hons/ MSc/ PhD: Marine Science
  • BSc/ Hons/ Masters Environmental Economics
  • B Tech/ M Tech/ Hons/ MSc/ Oceanography
  • BSc Environmental Science/ Management
  • B Tech/ M Tech/ Hons/ MA Environmental Economics
  • B Degree Coastal Management
  • B Environmental Law
  • ND/ BTech / BEng / Hons/ Electronics /Mechanical/ Electro-mechanical Engineering.
  • BSc/Hons/MSc Mathematical Modelling, Computer Science or Information Systems Engineering


Fisheries (Ref: FI/01/2021)

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc.)
  • B.Sc./ Hons/ M.Tech./ M.Sc./ D.Tech/ Ph.D: Marine Biology
  • B.Sc./ Hons./ M.Tech./ M.Sc./ D.Tech/ Ph.D: Oceanography and Marine Biology
  • B.Sc./ Hons. / M.Tech./ M.Sc./ D.Tech./ Ph.D: Ichthyology specialising in Aquaculture
  • ND/ B.Sc./ Hons./ M.Tech/ M.Sc./ D.Tech/ Ph.D.: Marine Science  


Forestry (Ref: FO /01/2021)

  • National Diploma/ BTech/ MTech Forestry
  • BSc Forestry/ Bachelor of Forestry Management
  • BHons Forestry
  • Msc Forestry

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Date listed: 2020-10-26 13:03:00 | Closing date: 2020-11-20 | Bursary/Accommodation | Location : Nation wide South Africa