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Capital Harvest  is a privately owned niche agricultural financier. It has offices in Stellenbosch and Free state. The company offers financial products at competitive rates similar to the products offered by commercial banks. The difference however lies in the fact that Capital Harvest focuses only on agriculture, that our processes (relationship management, credit and administration) are developed to support agriculture financing, that our products are tailor made for agriculture needs and that we approach risk relating to agriculture in a manner that commercial banks simply cannot do.


Our Products / Solutions


Capital Harvest Production Finance

Probably the most innovative product offered by Capital Harvest. Production finance is available for qualifying fruit exporting farmers. The finance is made available in accordance with the cash flow needs against a cession of the harvest as main security and by managing the associated risks in the value chain – no tangible security such as bonds are required. This is a unique financing facility that deviates from the traditional working of production facilities and is not offered by the commercial banks.


Revolving Credit Facilities

Capital Harvest does not have cheque-clearing facilities and can thus not offer overdraft facilities. As an alternative we have a revolving credit facility which operates similar to an overdraft. A facility is made available in accordance with the client's cash flow needs (which replaces the client's overdraft held at a commercial bank) and is reviewed on an annual basis. Funds are then transferred by Capital Harvest upon request by the client to the cheque account of that client (available within 24 hours) and funds can also be deposited in the revolving credit account as and when surplus cash is available.


Term Loans

Term loans with repayment terms of up to 15 years for financing of farmland, immovable assets and expansions / improvements to such property (e.g. vineyard and orchard plantings) are available. Term loans are structured in innovative ways to match the repayment ability of the underlying asset with the cash flow generated by that asset.


Installment Sale Agreements

Financing is available for all agriculture related moveable assets with repayment terms of up to 60 months.


Grain Input Finance Facility (GIFF)

The GIFF is similar to the Capital Harvest Production Finance facility and offers production finance for grain farmers against a cession of the harvest and input insurance as security. This product is well suited for farmers in higher risk areas and as is the case with the Capital Harvest Production Finance facility product, the farmer's tangible assets are not attached as security to obtain the production finance.


Winter and Summer Facilities

This product also provides production finance for grain farmers (with winter and/or summer crops) and is suitable for farmers in lower risk areas with finance that is considered against the strength of the balance sheet of the particular client.


Contacts Us:

Contact one of our business managers to discuss your unique finance requirements and put our solution-driven approach to the test.


Head office: Stellenbosch

Physical Address:18 Papegaai Street, Stellenbosch, 7600

Postal address: PO Box 12309, Die Boord, Stellenbosch, 7613


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