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Cape Capital is a niche finance Company, based in the Western Cape, providing  financial products and services to small and medium sized commercial businesses. We deliver our services with the highest level of expertise in the most effective and efficient manner tailored to the varied and unique needs of our Clients. We understand our Clients’ businesses and offer original and innovative solutions for commercial finance.


Services we offer:


Asset Based Finance

Finance of capital expenditure for the acquisition of machinery, plant, equipment and technology goods. This Includes the following:


Installment Sale;

  • These Agreements enable the purchase of goods which reflect as an asset on the client’s balance sheet.
  • VAT is capitalised up front.
  • Typically used for plant and machinery and equipment with a long life.
  • The client accounts for the transaction as owner of the goods, depreciating the asset over time.
  • Ownership transfers on payment of the last installment or early settlement of the Agreement.


  • Rental finance is used for equipment that is not desirable to be reflected on the balance sheet as a fixed asset.
  • Technology goods such as computers, telephone systems, security systems, vending machinery etc are examples of these goods.
  • Rentals are fully tax deductible in the hands of the user.
  • VAT is paid on each monthly rental.
  • The user can usually upgrade the equipment at any time.
  • The monthly rental can be customised to suit the user’s budget.

Financing of imported equipment;

Cape Capital provides a consolidated one stop service for the importation of goods.

These services include the handling of import documentation, transfer of foreign currency , payment of freight and VAT and the subsequent finance via Installment Sale or Rental.


Rental agreements can be customised by inserting the equipment suppliers  logo on the agreement.


Mortgage Bonds And Bridging Finance

We originate bonds for residential and commercial property transactions. We also provide short term property bridging finance.


Trade Finance

This finance is offered to growing businesses who wish to increase their sales but do not have the necessary capital to purchase the necessary stock and or raw material.Services provided to importers and exporters;


Import finance;

We provide credit facilities on a revolving and fluctuating basis, tailored to the unique requirements of each client. Trade finance provides short-term finance to assist growing businesses with their foreign ( import ) purchases.

This finance is provided through:

  • Confirmation letters
  • Pre-payment to foreign suppliers
  • Letters of credit - foreign and local
  • Foreign currency transfers
  • Forward exchange contracts
  • Local payments

Local Purchases;

Where required we can also pay local suppliers of stock and or raw material. The terms are similar to those applicable to import finance

Export finance;

Facilities are offered to clients on a revolving and fluctuating basis and tailored to the specific needs of each client.

  • Pre-export finance is offered to clients wishing to pay local suppliers for goods to be exported.
  • We provide credit facilities for local payments and undertake the collection of proceeds from our client’s foreign debtors via our foreign currency accounts and undertake the relevant currency dealing.
  • Dealings are conducted on open account, inward letter of credit or via payment guarantee.


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