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BetterBanc Small Business Funding

Our platform offers simple working and growth capital facilities for small businesses. It's online and require no paperwork. If your business is growing we can offer you fast and affordable business funding to reach your goals.

Our financing solution is founder friendly, flexible and scalable. 


What Do I Need To Qualify?

We offer a variety of funding solutions for small businesses. Minimum eligibility criteria includes:

  • Annual revenue of R1000,000.
  • Minimum monthly turnover of R83 000.
  • Your business should be operating for at least 12 months.

What Informaton Do You Need To Verify My Business?

In order to provide you with an offer, we need to verify both your identity and your business. The first step is to provide us with your business and personal info and give us access to all your ad accounts (only viewing rights) you use to run your marketing – we use this as well as well as your revenue data to analyze your business health.

How Long Will It Take To Process The Applicaton?

Provided we have all the necessary information, the assessment and disbursement can take place within 24 hours. The actual application process should take 4-6 minutes to complete. If you link your online bank account via TrueID (preferred option) or provide Internet bank statements and your ad account data, we will be able to process the application quickly. If we need to manually capture the bank statements, then our processing time depends on the volume of transactions.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Term? Can I Extend The Term?

Our funding period is between 3 and 12 months. However, being a new client and trading for less than 2 years the system usually only allows a 6 month term. The 6 month term is much more flexible than 12 months. If you ensure that the re-payments are met on time you can apply for a re-advance in less than 4 months. Whereas our 12 month product will only allow a re-advance in approximately 8 months.

What If I Want To Settle Early?

You are welcome to settle early and no penalties will be charged. All future costs associated with your advance will be waivered.

 What Is The Minimum And Maximum Amounts Offered?

Our funding ranges from R20,000 to R1000,000

What Makes Us Different To Other Lenders Or Banks?

  • Our process is much faster and completely online:
  • We provide growth capital for businesses to fund their online marketing activities.
  • We do not charge admin and initiation fees.
  • Our costs are transparent and agreed upon upfront.
  • There are no penalty fees for settling early.
  • Funds are disbursed within 48 hours of submitting your application. Provided all documents are in order.

What Are The Requirements To Apply For Funding?

We require that your business has a minimum monthly turnover of R83,000.00 as well as an annual turnover of at least R1000,000 and it must be actively trading for at least one year.

Can I Come To Your Offices To Complete A Form?

No, we are an online business and only accept applications via our website.

What Interest Rates Do You Charge?

Our funding is not linked to any interest rate calculation. We apply a fix fee to our advances.

Can I Apply For Funding For A Start-Up Or New Business?

Unfortunately, no you need a successful trading history of at least 1 year, as well as a turnover of at least R500,000 per year to qualify for our business funding.


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