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Bridgement Business Funding

Bridgement offers simple working capital facilities for small businesses to use as they wish. 100% online and zero paperwork.


We offer funding to registered businesses from any industry sector. There are no hard rules against any particular sector.


Business funding options

  • Business Loan: a simple term loan to cover a once-off business need.
  • Line of Credit: Access a flexible revolving credit facility to cover ongoing needs.
  • Invoice Finance: Turn unpaid invoices into funds to manage ongoing cash flow.



Check below some of our FAQs 


What are the minimum requirements?

Bridgement's minimum requirements are simple. You need to be:

  • A registered company or close corporation in South Africa
  • Doing annual turnover of more than R500,000
  • Trading for longer than 6 months

Bridgement does not require a business plan, a budget or a financial forecast. You also don't have to be VAT registered.

How do I apply?

Bridgement's application is completely online and it only involves 3 quick steps:

  • Create your free account
  • Give access to your accounting/banking data
  • Complete your company details

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What documents do I need to apply?

One of the primary benefits of Bridgement is the ability to complete an application without submitting a single document. That is why it takes less than 2 minutes to apply.

All we require to process your application is for you to give access to your accounting or banking data. This removes the need for you to submit any documents and it enables us to approve your application and send funds your way on the same day you apply. Sound complicated? Don't worry, it isn't and we walk you through the simple three step process

How long is the application process?

Bridgement's application process is completely online and doesn't require the submission of any documents. Rather, Bridgement guides you along a simple 3-step process to complete your application in under 2 minutes

It really is as quick as that.


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