VIKZTECH Technology

Location: Durban, South Africa
Industry: Computer Hardware, Computer Networking, Computer Software/Engineering, Information Technology/IT
Date posted: 07 November 2021


Hi, my name is Menzi Shelembe and I am an IT tech support technician and a software developer who is looking for a company to get employed in or start my own business. So if you have anything that is work or questions, you may contact me on +27658079716. Email: [email protected]

Products / Services

I provide basic services such as:

  • Windows Reload
  • Windows and MS Office Activation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostics (Hardware & Software)
  • Setting Up networks
  • Component upgrade and installations
  • Software installation, configuration and maintenance

For more Contact Us

Contact Email : [email protected]
Contact Number : 0658079716