Colen Mosehlane

Gender : Male
Location : Vereeniging, South Africa
Member since: 31 March 2021

About me

Hi everyone, I am an internal Audit Trainee ,Three years experience in banking providing financial advisory and intermediary services. In my own capacity ,i am a founder and Director at "IAIA" Internal Audit Independent Association LTD. I have a passion for Internal Audit and my dream is to be a successful certified internal auditor.I am here to assist you with internal auditing dynamics and to position you for a greater success.We are together in this journey.

Courses/Subjects i can tutor

Introduction to internal auditing
Fundermentals of internal auditing
Basic Principles
International professional practice framework
Internal control
Risk based internal audit
Career advise
Study plans and strategies
Cases studies

Levels i can tutor:
Internal Audit: 1st year; 2nd year and 3rd year

Online tutoring? Yes

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Cell : 0729300657 - Call

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linkedin.com/in/colen-mosehlane-a97706139 / https://www.facebook.com/collen.mosehlane